Whether you need professional assistance or simply just want to buy a simple item or service it is important that you receive ‘value for money’ and good ‘customer service’.


Undertaking ‘financial reporting valuations’ whether for a public sector entity (like a local government) or for a large private sector operation it is critical that the expert engage has the necessary –


  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of the accounting standards
  • Accounting, Valuation and Engineering Qualifications and Experience
  • Knowledge, Skills and proven track record
  • Compliant and flexible methodology
  • Ability to work as a strategic partner


Just as important however is then need to work with someone who takes the time to understand your needs, is willing to provide a range of options and will support you in achieving your objectives. To many this comes down to the nature of the people you will be working with and their ability to communicate, analyse and problem solve.


APV offers not only extreme levels of performance and satisfaction (as measured by our clients) but also the total flexibility to mix and match both APV’s and our client’s resources to achieve the best ‘value for money’.

Our reputation is second to none and evidenced by

  • APV’s Director (David Edgerton FCPA) authoring both of CPA Australia’s international and Australian guide to the valuation and depreciation of non-current assets
  • Delivery of over 800 ‘Fair Value’ valuations over the past 25 years covering every jurisdiction
  • Our unblemished record with every valuation successfully passing audit
  • The extensive number of valuation and depreciation related training courses and workshops conducted by APV for many of Australia’s leading professional and industry bodies.


To top it all off APV now provides all clients with on-line access to their data via Asset Valuer Pro. This is a major innovation for the valuation industry and gives client control and access to their data. With access clients can produce a range of detailed reports, provide on-line access to their auditors, can use the system to update data and store photographs of their assets and can export data for upload into their own systems.

Using the Asset Valuer Pro application provides total flexibility over the valuation process. APV works with its clients to determine the most cost-effective and efficient mix or resources and can tailor the valuation framework and asset hierarchy on an individual client level.

Whether you need APV to deliver the complete professional package, you want a total DIY solution or want something in between – APV will work with you to deliver the perfect solution.

Executive Team

The APV team is led by two executives, Alfio Ponticello (Managing Director) and David Edgerton (Director). Between them, they have more than 60 years’ experience and share a “hands on” approach, passion for productive client relationships, thirst for innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Key Staff

APV prides itself on the professionalism, expertise and commitment of its staff. We genuinely work as one team and have very low staff turn-over. This has resulted in a highly experienced, knowledgeable and productive work environment where everyone knows their roles and works together while focussing on our client’s needs.

Alf Ponticello

Managing Director | Project Leader

Alfio has extensive experience in asset valuation for local governments, non-for-profit organisations and government-owned corporations. This includes valuations of land, buildings and infrastructure for:


  • Over 130 local governments in Queensland which have since undergone amalgamation in 2008, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania
  • Almost every major university in Queensland
  • A wide range of major government departments and statutory bodies
  • Major not-for-profit, community-based organisations, such as the Uniting Church and Christian Brothers schools.


Before joining APV in 1991, Alfio worked extensively in the provision of valuations for local, state and commonwealth government. In addition to his significant government, university and not-for-profit work, Alfio has developed specialist knowledge in:


  • The hospital and welfare sector
  • Food and primary industries
  • Port authorities
  • Private schools
  • Resorts/hotels/clubs.


Alfio is proud of his unblemished record in delivering high-quality valuations for financial accounting, market value, insurance and lease assessments. He is also extremely proud of APV’s achievements and passionate about building on the company’s success and leading it into the future.

David Edgerton

David is an internationally recognised leader in asset accounting and asset management. Since the early 1990s, David has devoted significant time to corporate governance, asset accounting and asset management issues. This has included being:


  • Member of the AASB Special Project for ‘Fair Value in the Public Sector’
  • Author of CPA Australia’s guides (International and AASB) to the valuation and depreciation of public sector assets
  • CPA Australia’s representative and convener of on the Asset Institutes Special Interest Group (SIG) – Public Assets Collaborative Group
  • Independent member of Audit Committee for the Torres Starit Island Regional Council
  • Convener of CPA Australia’s Infrastructure Assets Discussion Group and member of the Queensland Public Sector Committee
  • Contributing author of the NAMS Australian Infrastructure Financial Management Guidelines
  • Author and presenter of CPA Australia’s Asset Accounting and Asset Management in the Public Sector program.


Before joining APV in 2006 David worked extensively in asset accounting and asset valuation across the public sector through his roles with the Queensland Audit Office (QAO).


He completed audits of state government departments, local governments, statutory bodies and corporations. He was chair of the office’s Asset Valuation Audit Advisory Group and was a key contributor to its Better Practice Guides for Non-Current Assets. During his time at QAO he was named the 2001 National Public Sector CPA of the Year.


David’s audit and accounting background is evident in APV’s quality-control process and compliance record. He is also a highly sought-after presenter, has a flair for providing practical and innovate solutions to complex problems, and enjoys fostering co-operation across a broad range of stakeholders.

Janaka Weerasinghe
Infrastructure Valuer

John Deac
Infrastructure Valuer

Jason McDonald
Technical Officer

Lachlan Black
Manager of Valuations

Daniel Atherton
Registered Valuer

Kurt Baker 
Registered Valuer

Damon Griggs
Registered Valuer

Michelle Cross
Registered Valuer

Our excellent track record, experience and penchant for delivering a high quality product has been reflected in being awarded preferred supplier status across a number of jurisdictions. These include –