Our Clients

The strength of our client relationships is the cornerstone of our business.


We enjoy close partnerships with clients throughout Australia and overseas, including hundreds of local councils, state government agencies, manufacturing and transportation businesses, universities nd not-for-profit organisations.


We are committed to building a real understanding of every client and delivering outstanding results through an open, flexible and professional approach.

Local Govt



We offer a unique skill mix and depth of experience within this sector – across valuation, accounting, auditing, engineering and asset management. In fact, some of our specialists have been at the forefront of local government valuations since accrual accounting was adopted in the early 1990s.


We are proud to count over 150 local governments across every state of Australia as clients.


We back our commitment through sponsorships and training programs, including our support for the Local Government Professionals, Local Government Finance Professionals, Local Government Manager’s Association and other similar bodies right across Australia.




Because of our preferred supplier status, Queensland, NSW, South Australia and Western Australian local governments can appoint us directly to undertake asset management and valuation services, without formal quotation and tender processes.

State and National Government

We have a long history of providing valuation, asset accounting and asset management services for state and federal government departments and agencies. We understand their issues in relation to compliance, quality assurance, sustainability and environmental policies.


Our clients include Queensland Transport, Queensland Rail, Southbank Institute of Technology (Qld), Port of Townsville, Port of Brisbane and commercial water utilities in five different States. We have also provided training to audit bodies in South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.


We know how to manage large and complex projects involving many stakeholders, including a comprehensive five-year peer review of Queensland’s Department of Main Roads valuation and depreciation methodologies and the valuation of Queensland’s public marine assets.


In late 2015 we also started a major project for Government of Vanuatu to implement a complete Asset Accounting Framework. This includes the development of whole of government policies, procedures for their enterprise system and the identification and valuation of all major assets.


We know that not-for-profit organisations have specific responsibilities and needs. We have worked closely with this sector for many years, from the biggest organisations to the smallest groups. Our clients include schools, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, community halls and welfare providers.


We provide valuation for financial reporting and insurance purposes, analysis for potential sale, asset identification and condition assessments, asset management systems and advice. This has included working with the Uniting Church in Australia (Qld Synod), providing valuation and asset management services relating to more than 2,000 properties throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Private Sector

We work with a wide range of businesses of all sizes, particularly within the manufacturing and processing industries. In fact, we count some of Australia’s largest processing companies as our long-term clients.


We work closely with companies involved in food processing and manufacture (from meat, chicken and dairy to health food and juice) as well as waste and resource management. Our services include site and business valuations, specialised plant and production line valuations, waste management and transfer facilities, financial reporting, and insurance valuations.


Even better, Fair Value Pro now offers us the ability to quickly design and roll-out a comprehensive, fully customised valuation process to match any scenario. This is supported by mobile data collection and our flexible methodology.


We are a leading provider of asset valuation services for universities throughout Australia.


Most universities are established by legislation and are deemed to be public sector entities. In accordance with prescribed requirements, they are required to value their assets at Fair Value. This needs to be completed in accordance with the Australian Accounting Standards. Due to the assets’ specialist nature, most assets are required to be valued at Current Replacement Cost, similar to local government. This complex process must take into account up to a dozen different accounting standards.


APV’s extensive and expert experience in this area, combined with our leading Fair Value methodology, results in timely, accurate and fully-compliant valuations.