Our Services

Complete Professional Valuation Package

This is a traditional approach but with a range of extra value-added capability. Under this approach APV is provided with full responsibility to undertake and complete the valuation. This includes completing all necessary inspections, provision of draft and final reports and a valuation certificate. The client is responsible for the provision of the asset register, responding to relevant questions, review of assumptions and review of the draft report. However, as the valuation is delivered using Fair Value Pro the valuation process enables a whole range of additional value-added opportunities. These include –


  • On-line access to all data, photographs, etc
  • Ability to run a range of detailed valuation and analytical reports
  • Ability to provide on-line access to the auditor
  • Ability to include additional fields in the system so that own staff can collect additional information and update for additions, deletions, condition, etc
  • Export of key data for easy upload into own system
  • Central point of truth over all valuations. No more uncertainty over which spreadsheet is correct.

Collaborative Approach

The Collaborative Approach enables clients to undertake a range of tasks which ultimately result in time and cost savings for APV. For example the client may have a clean and up-to-date asset register and as a result may elect to undertake its own inspections and update the Asset Register for subsequent valuation.


APV is then able to rely on this data (subject to a small data validation exercise) to produce the valuation with all outputs the same as under the complete professional package.

Valuation Framework Development and Training

Some entities see long term benefit in building in-house capability to undertake their own valuations. However due to limited experience or capability feel they do not currently posses the necessary skills to undertake valuations.


APV, due the fully DIY capability of Fair Value Pro, supports these clients by working with them in both a consulting and an educational role to develop the appropriate valuation framework and asset hierarchy so that they can leverage off Fair Value Pro’s capability.

Peer Review

Some entities have good systems and good people and are comfortable using Fair Value Pro without requiring any significant training. However often they (or their auditors) require a third party Peer Review to provide assurance that the valuation and depreciation calculations are fully compliant with the accounting standards, are consistent with the Asset Management System and can be relied upon.


APV undertakes these reviews on an as-needs basis. This may be annually or every two or three years. Sometimes they may be supported by APV providing a range of indices and reviewing the balance of the valuation work undertaken by the client prior to providing the necessary Peer Review assurance.

DIY Solution

Fair Value Pro provides the same transformational capability that MYOB and other off-the-shelf accounting packages did for small business. Prior to the release of these products small business was reliant on professional accountants to complete basic monthly procedures, post journals and produce monthly reports. However following their release the entities only needed to record the transaction and the software package did the rest. This resulted in significant cost savings.


Prior to Fair Value Pro entities were similarly locked into the need for professional valuers to undertake the valuations and produce the necessary outputs. While some asset management systems promoted the ability to undertake valuations they were unable to deal with the various types of valuations – such as whether the replacement cost is determined at whole of asset, component or sub-component level or whether to use Market, Income, Cost or combination approach. Likewise they were unable to produce all the necessary outputs required for a valuation – such as methodology documentation, validations and audit support.


Fair Value Pro incorporates full mobile data collection capability and can be used by the smallest to the largest and most complex entity to undertake and report valuations. Because it is a DIY solution it also provides entities with the lowest cost solution to valuation while still delivering full compliance and exceptional quality.


APV can provide access to Fair Value Pro and can also provide a range of training and other services to assist entities implement Fair Value Pro.

APV provides a range of tailor made solutions enabling entities to undertake fully compliant valuations and depreciation estimates of their assets. This ranges from the complete professional package through to assisting entities undertaking their own valuations using a fully DIY solution.


The types of assets we value is extensive and may involve either or both our Registered Valuers and Engineers. This enables APV to provide the complete valuation solution for any entity. Examples of the types of assets include –


  • Land (whether restricted or not)
  • Buildings (Specialised, Non-Specialised, Residential and Commercial)
  • Roads, Bridges, Footpaths and other road infrastructure
  • Stormwater, Dams and major civil assets
  • Water & Sewerage treatment plants, mains and associated infrastructure
  • Parks and recreational assets (including sports facilities and swimming pools)
  • Major infrastructure (ports, airports, rail, IT and communications, etc)
  • Major processing and manufacturing plants
  • Motor vehicles and major plant.


We recognise that every entity is unique and has at its disposal a range of internal resources, data, systems and capability. We also recognise the need to achieve ‘value for money’ and accordingly have partnered with Fair Value Pro to enable every client to better balance the mix between valuation cost and internal capability.


This flexible approach enables APV to better manage our own resources while also providing better outcomes for our clients. While clients may first elect to have APV deliver the complete professional package (delivered using Fair Value Pro) over time clients are able to take over greater responsibility for some aspects of the valuation and eventually can fully transition to the full DIY solution.


Ultimately APV is able to work with the client to design and deliver the best ‘value-for-money’ solution. Some of the more common solutions include –

A cornerstone of APV’s corporate philosophy has been a willingness to support our clients and the various sectors generally through a range of educational and technical support activities. We are fortunate to have as one of our Directors David Edgerton who is a Fellow of CPA Australia and is internationally recognised expert in the valuation and depreciation of assets under the accounting standards.

With his unique background, including over 22 years with the Queensland Audit Office, APV is able to provide clients with unrivalled technical knowledge and solutions based on real experience from both an audit as well as supplier of valuations perspective.


Examples include –


  • Development and implementation of a complete asset accounting and asset valuation framework including the training and development of staff for the Government of Vanuatu
  • Review of valuation and depreciation methodologies and associated assumptions
  • Review of Asset Management Frameworks and provision of training on Strategic Asset Management
  • Peer Review of Valuation Methodology for Department of Main Roads (QLD)
  • Ad-Hoc workshops on asset related Accounting Standards for many of Australia’s leading professional or sector specific bodies
  • Provision of training to Auditors-General in three states
  • Development of asset valuation frameworks including asset hierarchy and assumptions
  • Ensuring preparedness for AASB13 Fair Value Measurement

He is acknowledged as a leader and innovator in this specialised area which is evidenced by –


  • Author of CPA Australia’s guide the valuation and depreciation of public and NFP sector assets under the Australian Accounting Standards (AASB) – 2016
  • Author of CPA Australia’s guide the valuation and depreciation of public and NFP sector assets under the international accounting standards (IFRS and IPSAS) – 2013
  • Contributing author of IPWEA’s Australian Infrastructure Financial Management Guidelines – 2009
  • Convenor of the Public Sector Assets Collaborative Group (formerly known as the Australian Asset Management Collaborative Group or AAMCOG) which is comprised of a range of Australia’s peak bodies with an interest in Asset Management (2014 – 2016)

Our clients are able to leverage of this knowledge and experience through –


  • Free technical advice (excludes responses requiring a detailed paper)
  • Regular free technical workshops on changes to the accounting standards and emerging valuation and depreciation issues.
  • Receipt of a regular electronic newsletter which provides updates on technical and emerging issues
  • Access to a range of Technical Papers and guidance developed to address emerging accounting or valuation issues