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APV is a recognised across Australia and internationally as a leader in the highly specialised area of ‘financial reporting valuation’ including valuations required under –


  • AASB (Australian Accounting Standards),

  • IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) or

  • IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards)

  • XRB (New Zealand External Reporting Standards)


We are much more than a simple valuation firm. With our uniquely blended team of highly experienced and specialised accountants, valuers and engineers provide the complete financial reporting valuation package including valuations and depreciation, asset accounting advice, detailed financial statement disclosures and responding to audit queries.


We also provide insurance and market valuations for a wide range of entities. Our client base includes the public sector (national, state and local governments), Not-For-Profit sector (schools, aged care and health) and the private sector.


Due to our extensive accounting expertise we also provide a range of bespoke asset accounting and asset management related services. These have included engagement with various state and local government bodies as well as overseas jurisdictions to deliver asset accounting frameworks and accounting standard training.


While our past performance and innovations speak for themselves - our commitment to delivering the highest levels of performance and customer satisfaction has now entered a new phase which is changing the face of valuation.


For many years we have lead in the industry with leading edge methodologies and service. In addition we have been working with Asset Valuer Pro to develop new technologies enabling clients to do as much or as little of the valuation work themselves so they can take control and balance cost against internal input. Whether you want APV to deliver the complete professional package, wish to undertake the entire valuation process using Asset Valuer Pro’s DIY software solution or prefer a mix between the two – APV will work with you to get the balance right.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation – Cover of Excellence®.

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