Our Performance

Perhaps the greatest challenge for potential clients is the ability to assess whether or not the potential supplier will deliver and perform to the levels promoted in their website or other marketing material.


At APV we constantly hear adverse stories of where competitors have –


  • Failed to deliver on time

  • Produced substandard or even non-compliant work

  • Somehow managed to produce a valuation without talking to staff or inspecting assets

  • Failed to ‘componentise’ assets or satisfy other requirements of the Accounting Standards

  • Demanded additional fees due to their poor planning

We believe there is no better indicator of performance than the feedback received directly from your customers. Our corporate philosophy is centred on delivering exceptional performance and customer service and the commitment is backed by direct access to our Directors if our clients have any concerns.


To support and evidence our performance APV implemented a ISO:9001 Quality Management System in 2010. The QM system is subject to external audit and third-party certification by BSI.


Since 2010 our clients have provided extensive and exceptional feedback. Our performance levels across all key criteria were initially assessed by our clients as being very high (greater than 7 out of 10). However, despite the high levels of performance, our commitment to continuous improvement has resulted in the further improvements across all criteria to ‘exceptional’ levels. Currently all criteria are averaging over 8.5 out of 10.


The key criteria assessed by our clients include –


  • Understanding of the Scope of Work

  • Quality

  • Communications

  • Willingness to Add Value

  • Value for Money

  • Timeliness

  • Overall Satisfaction