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Why Us

Whether you need professional assistance or simply just want to buy a simple item or service it is important that you receive ‘value for money’ and good ‘customer service’.


Undertaking ‘financial reporting valuations’ whether for a public sector entity (like a local government) or for a large private sector operation it is critical that the expert engaged has the necessary –


  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of the accounting standards

  • Accounting, Valuation and Engineering Qualifications and Experience

  • Knowledge, Skills and proven track record

  • Compliant and flexible methodology

  • Ability to work as a strategic partner


Just as important however is the need to work with someone who takes the time to understand your needs, is willing to provide a range of options and will support you in achieving your objectives. To many this comes down to the nature of the people you will be working with and their ability to communicate, analyse and problem solve.


APV offers not only extreme levels of performance and satisfaction (as measured by our clients) but also the total flexibility to mix and match both APV’s and our client’s resources to achieve the best ‘value for money’.


Our reputation is second to none and evidenced by –


  • APV’s Director (David Edgerton FCPA) authoring both of CPA Australia’s international and Australian guide to the valuation and depreciation of non-current assets as well as being appointed as a member of the Australian Accounting Standards Board’s ‘Fair Value in the Public Sector’ special project team

  • Delivery of over 1,000 ‘Fair Value’ valuations over the past 25 years covering every jurisdiction

  • Our unblemished record with every valuation successfully passing audit

  • The extensive number of valuation and depreciation related training courses and workshops conducted by APV for many of Australia’s leading professional and industry bodies.


To top it all off APV provides all clients with on-line access to their data via Asset Valuer Pro. This is a major innovation for the valuation industry and gives client's control and access to their data. With access clients can produce a range of detailed reports, provide on-line access to their auditors, can use the system to update data and store photographs of their assets and can export data for upload into their own systems.


Using the Asset Valuer Pro application provides total flexibility over the valuation process. APV works with its clients to determine the most cost-effective and efficient mix or resources and can tailor the valuation framework and asset hierarchy on an individual client level.


Our Points of Difference

Free access to international experts

Member of AASB special project team and author of CPA Australia's guides on valuation and depreciation.

Guaranteed full compliance

With recent changes in accounting standards few methodologies fully comply with IFRS, IPSAS, AASB, XRB and associated interpretations. APV methodology is constantly updated to reflect changes in standards. For example - Valuation is driven by condition and obsolesence not Useful Life.

Value-Added Financial Reporting and Asset Management Reports

All valuations delivered in Asset Valuer Pro providing free access to a vast range of asset accounting and asset management value-added capabilities.


Staff with Extensive Experience

Our staff turn-over is negligible whereas many of our competitors constantly churn low level staff with limited knowledge and experience.

Our Client Feedback Speaks for Itself

Our clients consistently rate our performance across all key criteria more than 8.5 out of 10. 

Unblemished record over 30 years

Over the past 30 years we have delivered over 1,000 valuations with each and every one passing audit.

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