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We deliver more than just figures!

Experts in valuaton and depreciation under accounting standards

All your questions answered by our experts.

Technical Questions

Ask your questions on the Asset Valuation Forum.

Valuation experts for local government and public sector
DIY valuation software
AASB  CPA Australia Guide to valuation and depreciation of public sector assets
Local Government and Public Sector Experts

Just as accountants and lawyers specialise in specific areas so do valuers. APV is Australia's leading experts in the valuation of local government and public sector assets per the accounting standards

Full flexibility

The cost of valuation can be high and often clients wish they had more control over cost, timing, assumptions and results.


This is now easily achieved with the use of cloud based you can complete some steps yourself or do the whole lot in-house. Update assumptions and instantly see the results

Unrivalled Expertise

Just as accountants specialise in fields such as tax, audit and financial planning valuers also should only operate in their area of expertise.


With members of the AASB special project team for 'Fair Value in the Public Sector' and author of CPA Australia's guides on this specialised area on staff you can rest assured of a fully compliant valuation.

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