Our Clients


The strength of our client relationships is the cornerstone of our business.


We enjoy close partnerships with clients throughout Australia and overseas, including hundreds of local councils, state government agencies, manufacturing and transportation businesses, universities and not-for-profit organisations.


We are committed to building a real understanding of every client and delivering outstanding results through an open, flexible and professional approach.

Our clients include - 

  • countries implementing accrual IPSAS

  • over 200 Local, state and national governments

  • universities

  • government owned businesses

  • Non-For-Profit, religious and educational organsiations

  • retirement villages

  • manufacturing and food processing companies

  • professional bodies

We provide a one-stop valuation solution and with our mix of valuers and engineers enables entities to have all of their assets at the same time. These include - 

  • land

  • buildings (specialised and general purpose)

  • site improvements

  • open space and recreational assets

  • roads

  • bridges

  • footpaths / pathways

  • kerb and channel

  • traffic management devices

  • traffic signals

  • storm water / drainage

  • water infrastructure

  • sewerage infrastructure

  • power infrastructure (electricity and gas)

  • landfills

  • plant and vehicles

  • large civil and processing assets