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Our Services


In addition to delivering of financial reporting and insurance valuations under the international (IFRS / IPSAS) and Australian (AASB) accounting standards we also provide a range of consulting, accounting advice, training and special project services.

Examples include -


  • the delivery of asset accounting and valuation frameworks for local, state governments and national governments

  • development and delivery of strategies for implementation of accrual based IPSAS for developing countries

  • design of policies and procedures for asset accounting

  • review of valuation and depreciation methodologies

  • delivery of advice regarding existing and emerging accounting standards

  • assessment and development of Asset Management Frameworks

  • condition assessment and other mobile data capture projects

We also work collaboratively with other consultants (such as CT Management) to provide our clients with the highest quality and level of customer service while delivering real value-for-money. Because our valuation methodology is based on the full integration of asset accounting and asset management and Asset Valuer Pro provides an extensive range of detailed asset management outputs, our clients are able to produce significant savings from these arrangements. 

One-stop valuaton  DIY  Asset Valuer Pro


We provide total flexibility with valuation delivery and can - 

  • deliver a complete and fully professional valuation package

  • work collaboratively with clients and share workload to reduce cost

  • provide full D.I.Y. capability for clients to deliver their own valuations using Asset Valuer Pro

  • Provide specific parcels of work to support in-house valuations

  • Undertake Peer Reviews of in-house valuations

ADB and World Bank consultants  Fianancial accounting, valuation and asset management experts for public sector
asset valuaton traning and workshops
Financial and Asset Management Projects


With our special blend of in-house expertise we are able to undertake a diverse range of projects requiring a mix of accounting, valuation, engineering and asset management expertise.

These range from provision of specific advice about existing or emerging accounting standards through to large projects spread over many months. Examples include the roll-out of the asset framework for the Government of Vanuatu

Training and Workshops


APV regularly delivers workshops across Australia, New Zealand and occasionally in the other countries. We also deliver regular webinars on technical accounting and valuation issues. 


With our internationally recognised experts in asset accounting and asset

management we are able to  custom design workshops that meet your specific needs.

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