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Asset Valuer Pro

All of APV's valuations are delivered using the Asset Valuer Pro cloud based solution.


Asset Valuer Pro is the world's only specialised valuation software specifically designed by International Fair Value valuation experts, to deliver fully compliant valuations in accordance with the accounting standards. This includes both IFRS and IPSAS standards and associated country specific standards (such as AASB and XRB) based on these standards.

It is however much more than just a valuation solution and also delivers much more than just figures. In addition to the valuation it produces a range of capabilities that are often only found in large expensive financial accounting and asset management systems. These include - 


  • Easy SAM strategic asset management whole of lifecycle cost optimised modelling tool

  • Auto-generation of Valuation Methodology Reports by Asset Class

  • Production of whole of valuation summary including all disclosure information

  • Audit validation reports and processes

  • Calculation of financial period depreciation expense, loss on disposal and asset revaluation adjustments

  • Auto-generation of the financial period movements reconciliation note

  • Capability to auto-generate lead schedules based on GL code

  • Stratification of asset portfolios by condition score and valuation result (data and charts)

  • Statistical analysis by asset portfolio by value and numbers

  • Projected renewal expenditure over 30 year period

  • Historical analysis of portfolio including changes in status, conditions and obsolescence assessment

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D.I.Y. valuations

Asset Valuer Pro is also available for any entity, anywhere in the world, to undertake their own valuations.

Asset Valuer Pro is logical, easy to use and as demonstrated by the Government of Vanuatu is able to be used successfully by any entity. Asset Valuer Pro provides entities with unheralded flexibility to take control over the -

  • overall cost of valuation

  • timing of when key information is delivered

  • ability to make adjustments to underlying inputs or assumptions on the fly and within minutes deliver the full valuation package including all figures, disclosures and audit validations

With its exceptional capabilities many also use it as a primary asset register to drive both asset accounting and asset management processes.

Entities can also adopt a mix of using internal and external respources. For example engaging APV to review Unit Rates or depreciation assumptions of to undertake sample inspections or conduct a Peer Review of their own valuation.

"This is the the remarkable history for Vanuatu to engage such a project and for comparison between all the TAs engage in other agencies of the Government. I think we were so fortunate to engage APV.


The services provided was so excellent and in fact very professional in that it really targeted  what we longed for since independence. It was the lack of collecting raw data and the valuation of state's major and infrastructure assets'. Their attitude towards our local valuers during our training period was so good that we cannot express."

John Venevil Kaiaf

Manager Asset Management & Valuation Unit

Department of Finance & Treasury


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